Direct wholesale of used auto spare parts from Japan!
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Used Auto Parts

“” – supply of used auto spare parts directly from Japanese recycling plants to the customer!
We provide professional service on dismantling, selling and worldwide exporting of used spare parts for any types of vehicles!
Our unique service is to let our customers decide and choose only parts which they want to see inside their containers!

Packing and Vanning

All fragile parts such as lights, glasses, plastic parts and others are accurately packed in special bubble-wrap film.
Our professional team have many years of experience in vanning containers and we care that every container should be loaded correctly and safe!

Container Shipping

YamaginParts,com provides 20ft and 40ft HQ container shipping services for export all over the world, using our own network system!
Freight cost can be paid Collect or Prepaid, according to agreement with the customer!
Our logistic division can arrange container full service delivery including inland transportation to the customer`s destination point!

Exclusive Quality

Our team inspect and test every engine in order to meet their quality and efficiency as we care about relations between our customers and their end users! Every dismantled part is marked with car`s name and model!


Dismantling Factory


Dismantling Factory


Parts Warehouse

Near the entrance

Parts Warehouse


Container Vanning

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Container Vanning

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  • Negotiation

    Contact with one of our managers.
     [email protected]
    Discuss all details and find any additional information.
    After both parties have reached agreement, you will be kindly asked to send us a deposit.

  • Purchase

    Every day we send you list with pictures of cars which brought to the factory for dismantle.
    Choose complete used cars (CKD) or only parts from the car which you want to purchase.

  • Container Vanning

    Dismantling engines and parts.
    Marking and packing.
    Preliminary packing list before actual container loading.
    Customer receives detailed pictures of loaded container and parts inside, as well as final packing list.

  • Payment

    Full payment from the customer according to the packing list and Invoice.

  • Departure

    Shipping to your country! When the time for ETD, we will safely send you the B/L by DHL.

About us is a part of Yamagin Corporation holding company which was established in 1978.
We have more than 35 years of experience for exporting used cars and trusted by the customers worldwide!
Yamagin Corporation presides in Japan Used Vehicle Exporters Association (JUMVEA).
By using JUMVEA Safe Trade you do not have to worry about losing your money if the supplier does not ship your goods.
Safety of both parties is guaranteed by JUMVEA. JUMVEA is a non-profit government recognized business association approved by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).
Yamagin has established strong business relationships with dealers in various parts of the world.
We welcome any serious inquiries from companies who would be interested in buying used spare parts directly from Japan.
We choose the process suitable for your needs and take care of all required procedures on behalf of you to save time and expenses.
Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information!

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